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Teachers Righting History

Teachers Righting History is an educational project started by former Treasurer of the United States Rosie Rios that highlights historic American women in classrooms across the country.

Using a database of information collected by the U.S. Department of Treasury’s recent effort to redesign the nation’s currency, teachers and students have the ability to discuss and post images (or other creative concepts) of historic American women in their classrooms as a teaching tool.

People value what they see every day, yet there are very few institutionalized practices that reinforce the critical role women have played in American history. Just like currency, recognizing historic figures who can serve as role models for future leaders may have an enormous impact on the aspirations for both girls and boys. By discussing and posting visuals and other activities, students can continue the conversation started by the currency design process and serve to inspire leadership and civic engagement.

ARLANDO SMITH - Co-Superintendent of the New Haven Unified School District

“Thank you for creating the Teachers Righting History initiative. I have shared the idea with all of our principals and directors; the response has been overwhelmingly positive and heartwarming. Ideas are already coming in for ways to embed the initiative into some of our ongoing initiatives.”

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